About Us

About Us

In these challenging times, retirement planning can be a more frustrating and confusing process than ever before. Blake Wealth Management has over two decades of experience helping women navigate their way to a comfortable retirement.

As an independent financial advisor, not tied to the offering of a single provider, we can offer you both objective advice and a wider choice of investment solutions at Blake Wealth Management. We want to get to know you and see if our firm’s expertise is a good fit for your retirement needs.

If so, we’ll help you determine the answers to three key questions:

1. Are you on track to reach your retirement goals?
2. Are you utilizing all the available strategies to minimize taxes?
3. Can your investment strategies be improved?

Using what we learn from you, we will create a personalized SIMPLY RETIREMENT Roadmap™.

It’s a complete analysis of your current retirement scenario, along with actionable recommendations that we believe can help keep you on track to achieving your retirement goals. Take your time and look over our analysis. There’s no obligation to move forward unless you feel comfortable working with us.

Get your own SIMPLY RETIREMENT Roadmap™ today.