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Caregiving: Strategies and Resources for Women with Lili Udell Fiore (Ep. 20)

Caregiving: Strategies and Resources for Women with Lili Udell Fiore (Ep. 20)

Are you prepared for the emotional and practical realities of caregiving?

Join us for an enlightening episode of The Simply Retirement Podcast, where host Eric Blake dives into the world of caregiving, a role predominantly shouldered by women. Joined by Lili Udell Fiore, author, and founder of Much Love Lili, they explore the unique challenges and effective strategies in caregiving, especially in the context of retirement planning for women.

Key Highlights:

  • Empowering Women Caregivers: Lili sheds light on women’s pivotal role in caregiving, backed by her own rich experiences and professional insights
  • Journey and Expertise: Drawing from her personal story and her father’s influence, Lili provides relatable guidance and support
  • Emotional Balance and Practical Tips: Learn how to manage emotional well-being alongside the practical demands of caregiving
  • Planning Ahead: Lili stresses the importance of proactive planning, from legal considerations to understanding family health history
  • Everyday Caregiving Strategies: Discover practical tips following the Four Agreements principles, preparing for daily caregiving challenges
  • Resource Treasure Trove: The discussion also features Lili’s upcoming book and her website, offering invaluable tools for caregivers
  • And much more!


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About Lili Udell Fiore: 

In her 40s, Lili found herself in the difficult situation that occurs in many people’s lives. Dealing with aging family members, raising kids, managing her career, her marriage, her busy husband, and being involved in all of the activities for her daughter and stepsons that she could fit in. Suddenly, she got a call that her beloved Aunt, who lived many states away, was not well. Faced with managing her Aunt’s care from afar in between in-person visits, Lili spoke to many professional people about how to manage and handle everything in her aunt’s life until she got better. Everyone had their own opinion, and many also had their own agendas that had nothing to do with what was best for her Aunt. Eventually, Lili found her way and then was also faced with her aging parents as well. 

Lili’s guidance business – Much Love Lili and Lili’s Caregiver’s Guide resource book (coming before the end of the year) are the sum of all the lessons learned and all the wisdom gained from all the missteps. It also includes a lot of knowledge on death and dying that Lili gained from her father, Rev. Udell, who was one of the early teachers of death and dying in the state of Vermont back in the 1970s. Lili got her certification as an End of Life Doula from the program at the University of Vermont to solidify everything she had learned from her experience as a caregiver and the wisdom from her dad. Lili wrote this book to be the resource she couldn’t find when her world was imploding and hopes that it helps you in your journey as a Caregiver or as someone who wants to know more about caregiving or creating a good death for their Loved Ones.