How to Secure Your Legacy (Ep. 22)

How to Secure Your Legacy (Ep. 22)

Do you know the difference between a will and a living trust?

Worried about protecting your assets after you’re gone?

Dive into estate planning essentials on The Simply Retirement Podcast with host Eric Blake. He brings on Susan Barnett from Haiman Hogue, offering valuable advice especially for single women, widows, and divorcees aiming to protect their financial future.

With over twenty years in law, Susan Barnett clarifies the choice between wills and living trusts, emphasizing the need for estate planning for life’s unforeseen events, and underscoring the crucial role of a financial power of attorney.

Key Highlights:

  • Estate Planning Explored: Unpack the necessity of comprehensive estate planning
  • Living Trusts Made Clear: Susan Barnett sheds light on living trusts as adaptable and secure asset management tools
  • Roles Defined in Living Trusts: Understand the critical roles and their impact on maintaining control over your assets
  • Benefits of Dodging Probate: Discover how living trusts can protect your privacy and avoid the complications of the probate process
  • Limitations of Simple Wills: Learn about the potential risks associated with basic wills and how they may expose you to fraud
  • Importance of Document Updates: A compelling example emphasizing the need to keep your estate documents up-to-date
  • And much more!


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Connect with Susan Barnett: 

About Haiman Hogue:

Haiman Hogue is a Faith-Based Estate and Family Protection Planning and Elder Law Firm. Our law firm is designed on the foundational belief that we are “FAITHFULLY SERVING GOD, OUR CLIENTS, AND OUR COMMUNITY” in everything we do. The Lord gives us the clients He wants us to help and the income He wants us to make, so our focus is to use our unique God-given talents and abilities to help and serve others. Our attorneys and staff are actively involved in community outreach. In addition, we offer the public free educational events each year and are always willing to provide a guest speaker for professional organizations and civic groups.

About Susan Barnett: 

Susan has been an attorney since 1989. She graduated from Baylor Law School and immediately joined the Collin County DA’s office.

Her career as a prosecutor spanned almost 10 years until her twin girls were born in 1998. At that time, she and her husband, Scott, determined that it was important that Susan stay home with her daughters. For sixteen years, she kept a small practice out of her home and enjoyed being a wife to Scott and mom to her three girls. During that time, she also spent a year working for President George W. Bush in the White House and serving for five years as Director of Kids Ministry at Willow Bend Church in Plano. Her children are now grown, and two sons-in-love have been added to the family. Her newest role is ‘Mimi’, and she is thrilled!

Since June 2014, Susan has focused her practice on estate planning and elder law. She currently leads Haiman Hogue’s Estate Administration Team and guides her clients through the difficult days and months after a loved one has passed. She also listens with compassion and understanding as she assists her clients in their own estate planning. She desires to honor Christ in the way she serves her clients.

Being part of the Haiman Hogue family is a good fit for Susan. She believes that God has brought her to a Firm that values her, not only as an attorney but as a follower of Christ. Haiman Hogue is a place that allows her to continue to serve God and her family while she devotedly takes care of the firm’s clients.

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