Retiring, Unretiring, and Rediscovering Purpose with Kim Lee (Ep. 23)

Retiring, Unretiring, and Rediscovering Purpose with Kim Lee (Ep. 23)

When we think of retirement, images of tranquil beach walks, leisurely lunches, and newfound hobbies often fill our daydreams. But what if the reality of retirement doesn’t align with the fantasy?

Eric Blake welcomes back Kim Lee, a former personal trainer, a retiree and now a personal trainer once more. Kim shares her transformative journey, offering a candid look at her decision to retire, relocate to Mexico, and then, quite unexpectedly, unretire back to her roots in personal training. Kim’s story isn’t just about retirement; it’s about purpose, passion, and the courage to pivot when life’s plans don’t bring the fulfillment expected.

Kim touches on: 

  • Why did Kim decide to “unretire” and return to personal training
  • How did cultural changes in Mexico affect Kim’s daily life and happiness
  • What emotional challenges did Kim encounter being away from loved ones and her fitness community
  • What advice does Kim give for those considering retirement, focusing on setting clear goals
  • And more


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About our Guest: 

Kim Lee, a dedicated Certified Personal Trainer for the past 8 years, is currently operating as an Independent Contractor at the Hidden Gym nestled in Allen, Texas. Alongside her professional pursuits, she cherishes her role as a loving wife and mother to two wonderful grown children. Her fervor for promoting both physical and mental health is unmistakable and deeply embedded in her work. She firmly believes in the power of small, consistent steps, emphasizing that they collectively pave the way for monumental change.

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